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Medical Services in Lexington SC

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Treatment in Lexington SC

Osteoarthritis of the knee


  • Pain/inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced range of motion


  • Hyaluronic knee injections allow the cartilaginous surfaces of the bone to glide upon one another more smoothly, improving the knees natural shock absorbing abilities, increasing range of motion, while reducing inflammation and pain

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Trigger Point Injection Therapy in Lexington SC

Trigger point injection therapy


  • Muscular pain and inflammation 
  • Referred  muscular pain
  • Stiffness due to poor posture and high stress levels


  • An injectable anti-inflammatory that is plant based and nontoxic, placed directly in the trigger point melting it away.
  • Also recommended is massage therapy, for even faster results.

Patients are experiencing extraordinary results! Call today. 803-359-2273

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Lexington SC

Low back/sacroiliac pain management


  • Dull, achy, and sometimes sharp pain in the low back and SI joints
  • Pain can also radiate into the buttocks and legs
  • Low back pain can also be generated from lumbar disc degeneration or herniation
  • Leg pain, numbness or weakness


  • Low back injections using a plant based anti-inflammatory/pain reliever. These can be done in the low back, SI joints or piriformis muscles. The area injected will be based upon your exam which helps to determine the pain generator.
  • If needed we can refer you for cervical or lumbar epidural injections, guided under Fluoroscopy to treat acute disc herniations.

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Shoulder Pain Treatment in Lexington SC

Shoulder Pain / Impingement Syndrome   


  • Pain with movement of your shoulder
  • Pain can be dull, achy, or even sharp with certain movements
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Patient can typically point to the pain in their shoulder


  • Injections to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Rehab/chiropractic care/massage to increase strength, increase range of motion, increase mobility and reduce muscle trigger points and stiffness

Get back to lifting your grandchildren and playing golf and tennis. Call 803-359-2273

Migraine & Headache Relief in Lexington SC

Migraine, cluster headache, and trigeminal neuralgia


  • Throbbing head pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Nausea
  • Face and jaw pain
  • Sound sensitivity


  • Sphenocath  
    • safe, simple, effective, quick and needleless
    • minimally invasive and only takes up to 20 minutes for immediate relief that last 8 weeks to 6 months
    • Sphenocath and chiropractic care, when used together, could possibly rid you of your migraines for good
    • Visit www.sphenocath.com for observation of the Sphenocath treatment

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Physical Rehab

  • At Collaborative Healthcare we focus on rehabilitation of the spine and body.
  • Your pain relief program includes a specialized rehabilitation program from day 1 through your last visit.
  • Rehab is designed to speed up your recovery, strengthen weakened muscles, and increase flexibility.
  •  We focus on the hydration of the spinal disc and spinal core musculature.

Please call us at 803-359-2273 and start moving pain free again.

Durable Medical Equipment

  • We are a registered distributor of Durable Medical Equipment.
  • Low back, wrist, ankle, and knee braces to aid in stabilization of injured parts of the body.
  • Tens units for control of pain, without the use of narcotics
  • Posture pump to rehabilitate reduced spinal curves.

Our goal is to treat the whole body, both in office and at home, to aid in a better quality of living.

Physical Medicine Care

At Collaborative Healthcare, our team of healthcare professionals will custom design a combination of medical pain relief, using natural and botanical agents that lower pain and inflammation in the body. Then, using chiropractic and massage therapy, we can get you out of pain faster and move you into active spinal rehabilitation. Our focus is not only relieving your pain and inflammation but also rehabilitating weakened muscles of the spine, knee, shoulder and hip, to strengthen them and aid in their stability, getting you complete care only found at Collaborative Healthcare.

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This means more to me than I can express. I cannot express how grateful I am that this summer I will be back riding the water slides with my children, instead of waiting at the bottom of the slide. Thanks you for everything.

Anna D.
Lexington, SC

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